The Village seeks to document and preserve the heritage and culture of the Ovaherero People.

On arrival, friendly guides will usher you into their heritage passed through generational oral story telling, taking you on a interactive guided tour of the village, entering houses showing how the Ovaherero people live, collect and prepare food, their perfumes and costumes.

The guides will explain different facets of the Ovaherero people including their belief system and customs, initiation ceremonies, marriage, economic system, construction of houses. Guests are encouraged to touch, feel and taste during the tour, as well as ask questions to the villagers and guides.

The tour then moves to the Museum, which boasts permanent exhibitions of cultural artifacts, history and statues.

The tour is rounded off by a visit to the curio shop, after which guests can go up to the upper storey balcony for a view of the village whilst enjoying a cup of tea / coffee or any preferred drink.

Tour Information

Each tour lasts 1.5 hours and is conducted daily between 10:00 and 16:00

What you need to know

Children of all ages are welcome
Assorted refreshments on sale
We accommodate 12 people in a group
Camping Site accommodation is available
Fee: N$ 400 per person


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Tour Activities

Milking Cows
Milking Cows

Visitors get a chance to help the villagers milk the cows.

It is a lot of fun and gives one a greater appreciation for nature's bounty.

Churning Milk
Churning Milk

Using a calabash suspended on strips of leather, women traditionally churn milk to make Omaere.

It is hard work!

Holy Fire Ritual
Holy Fire Ritual

The Holy Fire Ritual is a sacred ceremony used to bless people, land and new endeavours.

Traditional Dress
Traditional Dress

Dress in the traditional garments of the Ovaherero People and experience life as one of the villagers.

On Special Request

Cultural Dancing and Singing

Cultural performances are by special arrangement only.

Experience the intricate rhythms and storytelling performed by members of the local community.