Helps us make a difference in people’s lives and bring joy to the Herero and Himba communities.

A Culture Preservation Fund has been established with the objective of documenting, preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of the Ovaherero people with a focus on the next younger generation.

If you would like to donate to help with this noble project, kindly indicate which programme you would like to support:

Education of young and school children

  • Create an inter-cultural understanding and enable Ovaherero children to have continual exposure and education on their heritage, culture and history as well as that of other Namibians
  • Co-ordinate Ovaharero culture & history experts and scholars to document this otherwise unwritten rich heritage
  • Facilitate a learning curve for schools and children in Namibia about the history and culture of the Ovaharero people
  • Invest in the production of books on the culture and history of the Ovaharero people

Promotion of traditional songs and dances

  •  Invest in the promotion of cultural activities such as traditional dances and songs by facilitating formalised cross-generational teachings and education
  • Invest in the research and writing of traditional songs and dances
  • Support national & international exposure for young tradional dancers and singers

Five percent (5%) of all profits from the activities of the Ombu Cultural Village will be donated to the Culture Preservation Fund.
We appreciate any amount you can spare. Donations of any kind are welcomed.

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